Saturday, September 25, 2010

The fight against the orange!!

Hello, me again, i was brave enough to make another post haha, one day ill get better at it, PROMISS, pink promiss (like my goat brushes heua)
anyway I will start with a picture to ilustrate this post, ive done a terrible collage of picture haha here it goes

Yeah, in the top of the panda eyes i also have a orange skin, (orange pigmented by the way), god really blesses me in other aspects of life, I have a job i love, a great family etc etc, but on the skin department he did a terrible job !! I helped him too on the course of my life.. as i always abused of sun (and today have terrible pigmented skin, as im dar my pigments does not look like nice freckels, its black spots, G-SUS ) -sorry if there someone too into religio there and hate me using god name in vain, sorryy hehehehhe :P
soooo i have terrible pores in my face, i was a tennager that went on acutane for pimples for 7 months, i have acne scarring, and i had to get into another course of 4 months even now, with 29 months, but CANT BE BOTHER and CANT live without my alchoohol (haha no, im not a achooolic, just love my beer - beer girl here ) so..bad skin here, orang is on top of me, on my bum and on my face haha (the celulite that does NOT belong to this body, if its your can you please come and take it? THANKS).. i think that holes in the body should one be on the nose, ears, the one to have your out the food and the other to have in the.. OoooPS SHUT UP VIVI, nobody reads your blog and this way nodboy will EVER read ! haha
(no im not drunk) haha

ANYWAY... on the fight of a better skin i have got myself a dermaroller and a retinol for my skin (reviews on that later as i havent started using yet) to build collagen/help with pores acne scarring

IN THE MEANTIME i have to look decent , and try to hide this pores, when the man got to the moon he look down the earth and first thing he saw: MY sure!
and any thing that brights my face just make it moreeeee "aperable" (didnt know the english word for this hauehau) but i love bright things by the way

i also bought 3 primers, that are suposed to help the pores, i only received one, the other two are from clinique and calvin klein, and i will do a primer pore compration once i got the 3 of them !!

so first one is my SAN PORE PUTTY

Before I bought this I had a look on and the reviews on it were 4.8 out of 5, so in desperation I got it, on ebay (I dont buy many make ups on ebay anymore since i got my fake Shu Uemura HAHA), But this one I chose properly I guess.. pay 20 australian dollar (including postage)

this is not 5.0 I would also rate it 4.5, is great, it instantly feel in some of my minor pores, leave my skin smoth and last night i still had a bit of my make on after using it all day, it doesnt make my sking felling havier, and it didnt make me too much oily.

the only reason I wouldnt give thiso ne five stars is as it didnt conclead all my pores ! (i know im looking for a miracle but i WILL find it one day)

so far im really enjoying, im guessing make up is not about only ONE product, but a combination of all of them, and i NEED to find it what combines the best for my skin

right now the foundation i use is the clinique even better, its due to a new one and i want try something different.. not sure what tough ! not sure, any sugestions??

on top of it i use my mirenarlized mac powder or the revlon ( i will do a review on it, as i loveee the revlon way better than the mac, even tough the revlon makes my skin brighten up a bit more )

so..i really need to find a good combination of products for my skin

I took picture of the before and after the primer, but im SO dumb, that I took it was dark, so you cant see properly, anyway its a newbie fault right?

I will post it just so i can move it on, next time ill do a comparation when i receive the Clinique and the Calvin Klein ones..

This is my Orange skin without anything

After the primer, and only with the primer

with foundation


it helps with my smal pores, the big ones and acne scarring is sitll there.. i guess i need a concelar for the scarring? am i asking too much of the primer and foundation? haha

Anyway..after this I went to work, and went to get nails done, I do myself on the meantime (just paint) but get fake nails every now and then.

Fake nails is GREAT for my a compuslive skin picker, and helps me picking less
so I discovered that i just like different color nails..but i alwyas end up on the pink side

this time i tried the Lazer Pink by Color Club and im in looove
cant stop looking on my nails!!!!

I love love love love this baby barbie pink

have to go now, today is the footy final in australia (a big event) and will need to get few things ready before i go

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox have all a nice weekend :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Panda Eyes - my first reviewww yay

be pacient with me, im totaly new in this cosmetic world ! i mean, on the GOOD procuts world, anyway, it seens that my skin does not like expensive products, ive born to be poor i gues, thank god! haha but still, i CANT find YET the perfect product for me, and the perfect make up

im still looking for it .. and the mother of gliters will help me find it one day, AMEM!

so... as i said my oily skin is terrible...i always just dont look good on make up cuz first i never used good products, 2nd, i dont know how to apply properly (I WILL LEARN) and 3rd my skin does not help !! if i put a egg on my face it will fry ! its oil everywere ! i could sell it and make some money, anyway

my 'reviews' my be a bit old for girls that already into make up, but im jus trying, experimenting, and for the point of view of a fry pan !

ok, enough talking (GGG-SUS i tallkkkkkk)

i will right about my  test on the URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION
(wait, how to put pictures here? let me try aheua)

and (why is the text on the middle? hellllp G-SUS), OH OK, i figured out, i guess..(doooh aligment aheuaeua)

AND my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

(ok, aligment, ufa! )

i got on the habit to do make up before work, and take 20 mintues for it, so well, i still dont have good eyeshadows, (next investment) so not sure if thats THE problem

BUT, yesterday i used my udpp with my bb eyeliner, I used a thin brush (ebay one, brush is next inventm too, oh my good, so many investments to not look like a panda ) because my MAC ONE (CAPITAL LETTERS FOR HAPPINESS HAHA), My mac 209 (my first DECENT brush ever, im SOOO happy ) just arrived today, so i just used the one i had (on the ebay said that its goat, it was pink so i didnt care, love pink HAUEHUA)
ok...back to the products... used my eye primer, and put some eyeshadow and the gel eyeliener, OMG for this gel eyeliner, i almost had a instant orgasm (should i rate this blog for over 18? ) even with my terrible pink goat ebay brush it was sooo smosh the aplication, and i just LOVED it, i just tiped the top of the barbie pink goat ebay terrible brush on it and VOILAAAA (that remember me of a songa, volareee, ooooo, cantareeeeeeee haa), IM IN LOVE, i never had a reeeally good eyeliner, so i cant yet compare much, actually i had nothing THAT good bfore, hope in a year i will be lauging at this bb eyeliner cuz i have so much to compare ! one day!
anyway, i got home, and like i said in the post before (was yesterday) the panda was on me, its a thing, it NEVER leaves me, (pandas exorcists, help me on my email?)  that horrible crease is still there, BUT the eyeliner was there too, PERFECT..the eyeshadow even thoug is a bad one was there too ! so.. the problem is not the produc, its ME !!!!
OK TODAY i did another trial, i didnt used te primer on the left eye and used it on the right eye to see if the primer was making my lid more oily than normal

result: panda eyes in both eyes BUT the make up BUT the bobi brow gel was gone on the eye i didnt aplied the primer, but on the eye i aplied the primer the make up was still there !

so the thing is, i really need something to make my skin less oily

i wash my face only with cetaphil in the morening and aplied a toner from dr lewinks. i cant put much, moisures NEVER

i was using cleaner and toner from clinique (which i need to get more) and was great for my skin, and it comes in a 3 setp thing, so i never used the mosituriser one, one day i decided to try it, and bang! pan fry face was there !!

so, love the primer, love the eye liner, but the primer does not hold it from creasing my oily lids, just helps holding the eyeshadow!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My first post, my 25343 blog !! yay!! INTRODUCTION...

Once upon a time I had a blog, no, i had thousands of them, i created a blog when I was a "au poor", i created a blog when i wasnt an "au poor", i created a blog when i decided to lose weight, and guess i gave up when i got fat ! ahueahuea (ahuehau=brazilian way of laugh HAHA on pc of couse, imagine laughing like that in real life? HAUEHAUEA) , i decide to make a blog when I came to australia, and gave up when i got pregnant , them wanted to created one bout pregnancy,ANYWAY, WHATERVER, THE POINT IS

1.nobody is reading this , just me i know, and i dont care! hauea maybe i do :(
2.english is not my main language and if you out there is reading this i really dont care about my grammar mistakes, and i DONT review what i write, im so lazy, i just post, and them press submit post, im like that! always been, then after i read and OMG !!
3. i love talking, and THATS why i decided to created a blog, and this time in english and about BEAUTYYYYYY, (not that im thhatt beautiful, - yes i am- kk joking, no im notttt ! )
the thing is, lately i got into it, (will tell how soon), and oh my god, that was about time, in 29!! and i created a account on Make Up Beauty website, and started to do some reviews there, just for myself, so i could have a data base, i would love to be able to come and checked what it worked for me or not, what was nice or bad for my skin (and tell you, what a hell of a skin i have)
and after reading so manyyy beauty blog i deceided to create one for me URRUHHHH, and this time, yeah baby im FANCY, in ENGLIXXXXX, so maybe one day the girls i read the blogs can read mine :) and give me tips, who knows ? im in the journey to live my panda past behind (the pand still follows me, need a panda exorcist !!)

but now i created this blog i realized i have no ideia how does it work anymore (or if i will have time for it), how to put links? how to do this? that? i remembered my previous blogs was total gliter, with dolls that would shine and have animations on it, super cute haha today i have no ideia how to do it ! ah but its just me reading so far so thats fine kk
by the way, how to put a counter? will be happy to see i got to the 10th reader



let me introduce you to my friend CHRIS...WAIT! i didint introduce myself yet ! soo
im 29 years old, mother of 1 (haha i AWALYS DREAM TO WRITE THIS, like a news paper, "and he kills his wife, caucasian, 52, mother of 7 !! ) HAHA baccckk,,, ok, mother of 1 unplaned but really loved daughter (do i really need to give the details? i guess nodoby here wants to know if i use protection or not right? haha)

i have a terrible oily skin acne prone, nothing, i mean NOTHING sticks to it !! (right now im PANDA, not even my new fabulous urban decay primer can hold it :( - get to that later   ) and i know nothing about make up YET !

caming back to Chris, once i was bare face, never used make up or lotion on my skin as i have a ultra oily skin, everything i put on it bothers me, but CHRIS gave me in 2004 a little pack of make up (chris is fabulous by the way kk), and since then im being using, but never care about brands or nothing, so since then i have also been a Alice cooper, sometimes a panda !!

this year little by little i decided to invest in good products and BANG! was addicted to it, ebay was my addcition (WAS untill the day im 100% sure i got a FAKE SHU UEMURA - MINE IS shue uemura w ok? hauea)

soooooo then everything i see i want try, EVERYTHING i want to test, nail polishes, blushes, primers, foundations, whateeeeeeeeever is out there, not matter where comes from..i decided that i DESERVE to find a good product for this TERRIBLE skin, it MUST be something out there, i may one day to find the perfect make up for me, the perfect match for my skin and i want to put it ALL HERE ! urruh