Thursday, September 23, 2010

Panda Eyes - my first reviewww yay

be pacient with me, im totaly new in this cosmetic world ! i mean, on the GOOD procuts world, anyway, it seens that my skin does not like expensive products, ive born to be poor i gues, thank god! haha but still, i CANT find YET the perfect product for me, and the perfect make up

im still looking for it .. and the mother of gliters will help me find it one day, AMEM!

so... as i said my oily skin is terrible...i always just dont look good on make up cuz first i never used good products, 2nd, i dont know how to apply properly (I WILL LEARN) and 3rd my skin does not help !! if i put a egg on my face it will fry ! its oil everywere ! i could sell it and make some money, anyway

my 'reviews' my be a bit old for girls that already into make up, but im jus trying, experimenting, and for the point of view of a fry pan !

ok, enough talking (GGG-SUS i tallkkkkkk)

i will right about my  test on the URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION
(wait, how to put pictures here? let me try aheua)

and (why is the text on the middle? hellllp G-SUS), OH OK, i figured out, i guess..(doooh aligment aheuaeua)

AND my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

(ok, aligment, ufa! )

i got on the habit to do make up before work, and take 20 mintues for it, so well, i still dont have good eyeshadows, (next investment) so not sure if thats THE problem

BUT, yesterday i used my udpp with my bb eyeliner, I used a thin brush (ebay one, brush is next inventm too, oh my good, so many investments to not look like a panda ) because my MAC ONE (CAPITAL LETTERS FOR HAPPINESS HAHA), My mac 209 (my first DECENT brush ever, im SOOO happy ) just arrived today, so i just used the one i had (on the ebay said that its goat, it was pink so i didnt care, love pink HAUEHUA)
ok...back to the products... used my eye primer, and put some eyeshadow and the gel eyeliener, OMG for this gel eyeliner, i almost had a instant orgasm (should i rate this blog for over 18? ) even with my terrible pink goat ebay brush it was sooo smosh the aplication, and i just LOVED it, i just tiped the top of the barbie pink goat ebay terrible brush on it and VOILAAAA (that remember me of a songa, volareee, ooooo, cantareeeeeeee haa), IM IN LOVE, i never had a reeeally good eyeliner, so i cant yet compare much, actually i had nothing THAT good bfore, hope in a year i will be lauging at this bb eyeliner cuz i have so much to compare ! one day!
anyway, i got home, and like i said in the post before (was yesterday) the panda was on me, its a thing, it NEVER leaves me, (pandas exorcists, help me on my email?)  that horrible crease is still there, BUT the eyeliner was there too, PERFECT..the eyeshadow even thoug is a bad one was there too ! so.. the problem is not the produc, its ME !!!!
OK TODAY i did another trial, i didnt used te primer on the left eye and used it on the right eye to see if the primer was making my lid more oily than normal

result: panda eyes in both eyes BUT the make up BUT the bobi brow gel was gone on the eye i didnt aplied the primer, but on the eye i aplied the primer the make up was still there !

so the thing is, i really need something to make my skin less oily

i wash my face only with cetaphil in the morening and aplied a toner from dr lewinks. i cant put much, moisures NEVER

i was using cleaner and toner from clinique (which i need to get more) and was great for my skin, and it comes in a 3 setp thing, so i never used the mosituriser one, one day i decided to try it, and bang! pan fry face was there !!

so, love the primer, love the eye liner, but the primer does not hold it from creasing my oily lids, just helps holding the eyeshadow!!


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