Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My first post, my 25343 blog !! yay!! INTRODUCTION...

Once upon a time I had a blog, no, i had thousands of them, i created a blog when I was a "au poor", i created a blog when i wasnt an "au poor", i created a blog when i decided to lose weight, and guess i gave up when i got fat ! ahueahuea (ahuehau=brazilian way of laugh HAHA on pc of couse, imagine laughing like that in real life? HAUEHAUEA) , i decide to make a blog when I came to australia, and gave up when i got pregnant , them wanted to created one bout pregnancy,ANYWAY, WHATERVER, THE POINT IS

1.nobody is reading this , just me i know, and i dont care! hauea maybe i do :(
2.english is not my main language and if you out there is reading this i really dont care about my grammar mistakes, and i DONT review what i write, im so lazy, i just post, and them press submit post, im like that! always been, then after i read and OMG !!
3. i love talking, and THATS why i decided to created a blog, and this time in english and about BEAUTYYYYYY, (not that im thhatt beautiful, - yes i am- kk joking, no im notttt ! )
the thing is, lately i got into it, (will tell how soon), and oh my god, that was about time, in 29!! and i created a account on Make Up Beauty website, and started to do some reviews there, just for myself, so i could have a data base, i would love to be able to come and checked what it worked for me or not, what was nice or bad for my skin (and tell you, what a hell of a skin i have)
and after reading so manyyy beauty blog i deceided to create one for me URRUHHHH, and this time, yeah baby im FANCY, in ENGLIXXXXX, so maybe one day the girls i read the blogs can read mine :) and give me tips, who knows ? im in the journey to live my panda past behind (the pand still follows me, need a panda exorcist !!)

but now i created this blog i realized i have no ideia how does it work anymore (or if i will have time for it), how to put links? how to do this? that? i remembered my previous blogs was total gliter, with dolls that would shine and have animations on it, super cute haha today i have no ideia how to do it ! ah but its just me reading so far so thats fine kk
by the way, how to put a counter? will be happy to see i got to the 10th reader



let me introduce you to my friend CHRIS...WAIT! i didint introduce myself yet ! soo
im 29 years old, mother of 1 (haha i AWALYS DREAM TO WRITE THIS, like a news paper, "and he kills his wife, caucasian, 52, mother of 7 !! ) HAHA baccckk,,, ok, mother of 1 unplaned but really loved daughter (do i really need to give the details? i guess nodoby here wants to know if i use protection or not right? haha)

i have a terrible oily skin acne prone, nothing, i mean NOTHING sticks to it !! (right now im PANDA, not even my new fabulous urban decay primer can hold it :( - get to that later   ) and i know nothing about make up YET !

caming back to Chris, once i was bare face, never used make up or lotion on my skin as i have a ultra oily skin, everything i put on it bothers me, but CHRIS gave me in 2004 a little pack of make up (chris is fabulous by the way kk), and since then im being using, but never care about brands or nothing, so since then i have also been a Alice cooper, sometimes a panda !!

this year little by little i decided to invest in good products and BANG! was addicted to it, ebay was my addcition (WAS untill the day im 100% sure i got a FAKE SHU UEMURA - MINE IS shue uemura w ok? hauea)

soooooo then everything i see i want try, EVERYTHING i want to test, nail polishes, blushes, primers, foundations, whateeeeeeeeever is out there, not matter where comes from..i decided that i DESERVE to find a good product for this TERRIBLE skin, it MUST be something out there, i may one day to find the perfect make up for me, the perfect match for my skin and i want to put it ALL HERE ! urruh

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