Saturday, September 25, 2010

The fight against the orange!!

Hello, me again, i was brave enough to make another post haha, one day ill get better at it, PROMISS, pink promiss (like my goat brushes heua)
anyway I will start with a picture to ilustrate this post, ive done a terrible collage of picture haha here it goes

Yeah, in the top of the panda eyes i also have a orange skin, (orange pigmented by the way), god really blesses me in other aspects of life, I have a job i love, a great family etc etc, but on the skin department he did a terrible job !! I helped him too on the course of my life.. as i always abused of sun (and today have terrible pigmented skin, as im dar my pigments does not look like nice freckels, its black spots, G-SUS ) -sorry if there someone too into religio there and hate me using god name in vain, sorryy hehehehhe :P
soooo i have terrible pores in my face, i was a tennager that went on acutane for pimples for 7 months, i have acne scarring, and i had to get into another course of 4 months even now, with 29 months, but CANT BE BOTHER and CANT live without my alchoohol (haha no, im not a achooolic, just love my beer - beer girl here ) so..bad skin here, orang is on top of me, on my bum and on my face haha (the celulite that does NOT belong to this body, if its your can you please come and take it? THANKS).. i think that holes in the body should one be on the nose, ears, the one to have your out the food and the other to have in the.. OoooPS SHUT UP VIVI, nobody reads your blog and this way nodboy will EVER read ! haha
(no im not drunk) haha

ANYWAY... on the fight of a better skin i have got myself a dermaroller and a retinol for my skin (reviews on that later as i havent started using yet) to build collagen/help with pores acne scarring

IN THE MEANTIME i have to look decent , and try to hide this pores, when the man got to the moon he look down the earth and first thing he saw: MY sure!
and any thing that brights my face just make it moreeeee "aperable" (didnt know the english word for this hauehau) but i love bright things by the way

i also bought 3 primers, that are suposed to help the pores, i only received one, the other two are from clinique and calvin klein, and i will do a primer pore compration once i got the 3 of them !!

so first one is my SAN PORE PUTTY

Before I bought this I had a look on and the reviews on it were 4.8 out of 5, so in desperation I got it, on ebay (I dont buy many make ups on ebay anymore since i got my fake Shu Uemura HAHA), But this one I chose properly I guess.. pay 20 australian dollar (including postage)

this is not 5.0 I would also rate it 4.5, is great, it instantly feel in some of my minor pores, leave my skin smoth and last night i still had a bit of my make on after using it all day, it doesnt make my sking felling havier, and it didnt make me too much oily.

the only reason I wouldnt give thiso ne five stars is as it didnt conclead all my pores ! (i know im looking for a miracle but i WILL find it one day)

so far im really enjoying, im guessing make up is not about only ONE product, but a combination of all of them, and i NEED to find it what combines the best for my skin

right now the foundation i use is the clinique even better, its due to a new one and i want try something different.. not sure what tough ! not sure, any sugestions??

on top of it i use my mirenarlized mac powder or the revlon ( i will do a review on it, as i loveee the revlon way better than the mac, even tough the revlon makes my skin brighten up a bit more )

so..i really need to find a good combination of products for my skin

I took picture of the before and after the primer, but im SO dumb, that I took it was dark, so you cant see properly, anyway its a newbie fault right?

I will post it just so i can move it on, next time ill do a comparation when i receive the Clinique and the Calvin Klein ones..

This is my Orange skin without anything

After the primer, and only with the primer

with foundation


it helps with my smal pores, the big ones and acne scarring is sitll there.. i guess i need a concelar for the scarring? am i asking too much of the primer and foundation? haha

Anyway..after this I went to work, and went to get nails done, I do myself on the meantime (just paint) but get fake nails every now and then.

Fake nails is GREAT for my a compuslive skin picker, and helps me picking less
so I discovered that i just like different color nails..but i alwyas end up on the pink side

this time i tried the Lazer Pink by Color Club and im in looove
cant stop looking on my nails!!!!

I love love love love this baby barbie pink

have to go now, today is the footy final in australia (a big event) and will need to get few things ready before i go

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox have all a nice weekend :)

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